No Wonder There’s a Ring!

Sometimes a memory of something totally insignificant pops into my head for no apparent reason.

Last night I was lolling in the bathtub when a conversation I overheard decades and decades ago made its way into my dreamy state.  At the time  I heard it, I had no reaction at all.  It  was simply a couple of sentences, a quick exchange between friends.  Last night, however, the recollection struck me as hilarious.

Friend A:  What IS it about being in water that makes people have to go to the bathroom?  Every time I get in the bathtub, I have to hurry to wash my face before I pee in the tub.

Friend B:  Really?  You wash your face in the bathtub???


8 thoughts on “No Wonder There’s a Ring!

  1. Very funny. It took me forever to teach my young children that we do not wash our feet first just because they are easier to see. And I DO wash my face in the bathtub. First thing.

  2. Yikes, doesn’t everyone pee BEFORE climbing into the tub? Maybe I need to put a plaque up for my guests.
    Funny how things stay with us and reappear years later. They are never gone, just misfiled.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my place–looks like we were both on the memory wavelength. But I’ll give you credit for being much more funny.

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