Wal-Mart Wannabes


I took this picture from the bedroom window. We’ve had snow, sleet, rain, icy rain, sleet, and more rain.

It could be a clue to the whereabouts of the family below, who were last seen sunning themselves  over the weekend.

Yep, the creek has definitely risen around here.

Dearly Beloved and I have had MUCH togetherness.  This weather makes him restless.   He wants to take a walk, mess around in the yard….get some exercise.

Me?  As long as I have an arse to sit on, I’m good.

What does DB do during the house-bound days?

1.  Watch ballgames, read.

2.  Walk around the house, hands in pockets, asking what I’M doing.  (Frankly, when I’m sitting here with yarn and knitting needles in my hand, the question seems unnecessary. . . !)

We’re not exactly fashion idols on these sloggy days.  Despite DB’s having a classic wardrobe that snakes through four bedroom closets,  he’s wearing frayed pants I bought him 20 years ago at Sam’s Club, along with a golf shirt with a large permanent stain on it right where Dagwood Bumstead has his big button.   Sometimes he adds a sweatshirt we received as a premium for a National Public Radio donation when Bill Clinton was President.

Not that I’m criticizing . .  I have on sweatpants, a shirt, no bra, and Christmas socks.

Even the dog is overdue for grooming.

Sitting around in this attire, it seems incongruous that we’d be criticizing other people’s looks, but we’ve seen some standouts lately.  During the slew of  basketball games DB has watched lately,  I’ve noticed that several of the coaches have styled their hair and manner of dress so that they look like contemporaries of Al Capone. What is with that?

Even DB, who never makes fun of anyone, pointed out an academic type on PBS News and warned, “If his wife ever volunteers to help you select my clothes, the correct answer is  NO THANK YOU.”

My guess is that the professor was single, ’cause I don’t believe a wife would have let him go on national TV in an olive suit, hot pink shirt, and red tie.

This weekend, someone sent me another round of The People of Wal-Mart pictures.  I confess that they fascinate me.  In this batch was a woman whose hair looked like two cones of brown cotton candy stuck to her head.  There’s no way a comb has passed through that hair since puberty.  I’m certain that her sister or cousin sat in front of me at the movies and rearranged that stormcloud of hair over my popcorn.

I have been curious about the People of Wal-Mart site. . . how it came to be, who started it.  According to Time Magazine, a young man from Indiana set it up with his brother and a friend, having been inspired by a tour of a South Carolina Wal-Mart.   No surprise there.  The Midwest has always been behind us in cutting edge fashion attire.

I suppose it’s our east coast location that helps our Fashionista inclinations.  Need proof?  Look in the Sunday fashion section of The New York Times. Line that runway with  shelves of Beanie-Weenies or toilet paper and paper towels and what do you see?

Welcome, Wal-Mart shoppers!


11 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Wannabes

  1. Frankly, I think sitting around in old clothes with no bra is the only way to dress on snow days. Sometimes, I make snow days pj days too and never get out of my robe.
    Now, I want to know the link to this site with people at WalMart, just to be sure they don’t have my photo up, you know!

  2. LOL. I have been fascinated by that site ever since it started. They have grown rapidly, exponentially. It’s amazing. Now I am afraid of going to Wal-mart: don’t want myself featured there! Did you and DB make the snowman family? They look awesome! I tried building a snowman once and realized soon it’s much harder than it looks…

  3. I love the People of Walmart site. Of course, all I have to do is go to our local Soddy Daisy, TN Walmart, or as it’s called “The Soddy Walmart” and have my fill.

  4. I have been oddly fascinated by that People of Wal Mart web site in a car crash sort of way. Did they not have mirrors in their houses? Do they not see what is hanging out of their clothes ( or lack there of) Is hot pink spandex really the color and fabric of choice when a person is over 300 pounds?

    There is not one single Wal Mart in NYC. Not that we don’t have plenty of hot pink spandex wearers living here..lol!

  5. Something about being snowed in removes possibility of visitors and allows us to enjoy being unkempt. Aaahhh.
    I do not visit the Walmart site, scared I might be there.

  6. In a effort to minimize the amount of plastic surgery I need (cheap that way), I always wear a visor with my bike helmet… when bike riding of course. I am not alone either. A neighboring woman does the same thing and I always call her my twin. Yesterday, we drove past her and John slowed down. “Take a photo of your twin,” he said. No way. I know darn well if I was biking and someone rolled down their window with a camera pointed at me, I would freak out thinking my image was bound for such a lovely website such as the People of Walmart.

  7. atleast DB sits around the house in clothes….The Boss thinks he’s a fashion statement in underpants and socks….because his feet get cold…when he does dress to leave the house….and thank god pants go on at this time…..he looks like he has a body tattoo because all I ever see him in is a Harley Davidson tee-shirt or depending on the weather a Harley Davidson sweatshirt….and ofcourse socks because he has cold feet.

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