Saturday, I fixed a casserole DB liked.  I made extra so that he could warm it for lunch Monday since I’d be out of town.  Sunday, when he mentioned having it as a snack, I reminded him why I was saving it.  Before I left Monday, I told him how to warm it.  When I returned home that afternoon, he asked what was for dinner;  he was hungry.  I was surprised–there had been a lot of casserole!

“What did you eat for lunch?

An apple, an orange, a banana, and a granola bar.”

Why didn’t you eat the casserole?”

Blank look.  Casserole?

This, I believe, is evidence of MENtia.  My friend Beanie says that when it becomes chronic, the correct medical term is DUHmentia.  It is common among husbands.  For example:

Beanie and her husband have a second home where they’ll be moving when he retires.  Currently, they use it as a weekend home.  This past weekend,  they drove separate cars there, because she would be staying longer.  He called her after he returned to Georgia, asking  if she’d seen his blue shirt.

“Look in your closet,” she advised.

“It’s not there.  Look in the closet there and see if I left it.”

She looked.  No shirt.  At his request, she checked her car.  No blue shirt.

“Are you sure it’s not in YOUR car?” she asked him.

No, he’d already looked.

Later, he called to tell her, “I  found my shirt.”

“Where in the world was it?” she asked.

“I was wearing it.”

Ding, ding, ding!

In the first DuhMentia Derby, I believe we have a winnah!

16 thoughts on “DuhMENtia

  1. Haha oh my gosh, this makes me feel so much better about my own husband! (Who argued with me once telling me his car had 800,000 miles. I told him, wow, it should be in the Guiness Book of World Records then. We went out and looked at the odometer – yeah. He had been including the 1/10 of miles. And men are supposed to be better with cars?!?)

  2. Birdie

    At least DB and Mr. “wearing his blue shirt” sort of admit it. I deal with a unique form of DUHmentia–that river in Egypt. His solution to all these is: you never told me. With complete straight face and believing it. I am going to start requiring signatures in triplicate whenever I inform him of important information.

  3. Duh-Mentia? teehee!!! The problem is, I’m a woman, and in our house, I’m the one doing those dumb things. Honestly, I think I have halfzheimer’s….

  4. In the dental office where I used to work, the office manager had a phone call once from her retired husband that left her shaking her head in disbelief.

    When I asked what had happened, she said he’d been making his lunch and wanted to know “where she kept the lettuce.”

  5. Perfect! I love this term! My own husband asked me the other night, “Where are their pajamas?” Uh – the the exact same drawer where they’ve lived since the day your sons were born. DuhMentia.

  6. I think you need to start a list of DUH-MENtia jokes. I agree with Rhonda…you might have really started something here much better than blonde jokes. And more so because THEY ARE TRUE!

  7. Sharon

    I just snort-laughed wine out my nose! You have to submit that to those word people who give out awards for new-fangled words or new meanings. The ones you send me!!!

  8. This is awesome! Will this become a weekly feature?! Hard to beat the current winner though… 😉

    p.s. Love love love the new look!!! Very iPhone friendly too! 🙂

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