Say It in Six–Or Else!

I am late to the six-word memoir craze.

That’s eight words…but you get the idea.  The fourth collection of these lines, It All Changed In An Instant, is a compilation submitted by readers of Smith Magazine. Not only was I unfamiliar with the six-word memoir books,  I’d never heard of Smith Magazine either.

I must be the only one.  When I googled it, there were 11,500,000 options.

I was probably in the bathroom.

NPR ran a segment about it recently and that’s where I became hooked.  The lines were funny, sad, poignant….  One they quoted during the interview was something like,  Loneliness:  one egg in the pan. Doesn’t that gut-punch you?

Since Dearly Beloved prefers oatmeal,  I’ll have to double my egg consumption from now on to keep from feeling sad about my egg.

The first one they quoted, believed to have been said by Ernest Hemingway: For Sale:  Baby shoes, never worn.

Not sure what mine would be. (Hey, that’s six words and perfect for an indecisive person like me.)

Who am I?  Are you SERIOUS?

Marriage.  Life is funny that way.

This could get out of  hand.

Oh, the things one can do! One person might write, Where does it end, my ASS! while I, the possessor of a broad butt, would change it to, Where does it end?  My ass!!!

How ’bout this old song by Gale Garnett?  We’ll Sing in the Sunshine. What a sweet memoir.

Or in another direction. . .

Made my bed; lying in it.

Missed my calling…but can’t redial.

Stop the world!  Let me off.

I can’t go on like this!

I could go wild with political memoirs.

Kindergarten Congress:  We even have recess.

Lucky are those from previous administrations who can say (or sing): Unindicted. . . and it feels so GOOD!

It’s a good thing I didn’t learn of this earlier.

A little crazy.  Could be worse.

Driving myself to distraction.  No brakes!

One more and it’s your turn:

In fudge and friendships… add nuts.


12 thoughts on “Say It in Six–Or Else!

  1. cw

    I’m going crazy, want to go?

    (never heard of the six word memoir – I love it!:) pssst, hey, Jane – that was 7 – tee hee)

  2. Birdie

    I heard the same segment, Ark. Patti, and they gave tips for shortening to just six. Yours could be: Food for thought, finds my hips.
    Some were funny, some poignant, some begged for the story–which is why they wrote the book. And they talked about doing with kids, and encouraging them to re-evaluate.

  3. I love this word game (now) and I’ve never heard of it or the magazine before either. Yours are so funny, I love them all, but the last one is so right on. My favorite friends are those who are on the nutty side!

    Here’s my six-word memoir:

    Moving again
    Another ocean
    Another beach

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my move, I am very excited.

  4. I remember when the “6 word meme” was all the rage in blog land and everyone was daring everyone else to come up with one for themselves.

    Sadly mine these days would be: “Always hungry; that’s why I’m fat.” I have to get off the computer and exercise more! 🙂

  5. Sharon

    You’re on a roll, with eggs!

    No way to underline or emphasize the “s” on the egg. But, I’m sure you got it!

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