Where’s Robin?

We’ve had snow, icy rain, sleet, rain, more sleet, more rain.  The ground is saturated, the creeks are overflowing, and this is what Miss Piggy has to contend with when she goes outside.            

When I went out to run errands earlier in the week, I parked near a vacant lot with mud, slush, and dead leaves.  As I watched, some of the leaves moved.  Some even flew.

ROBINS!  When Mother Nature gives you weather lemons, go for the worms!

I lost count. . . 50? 100?  I don’t have an actual count.  Alas, my camera was inadequate for the task.

Once I decide on a camera, I can go back and take another rainy day picture.  Robins will be too easy.  Next time we’ll count worms.


6 thoughts on “Where’s Robin?

  1. cw

    What a great picture!!! It would make a great poster for ‘where’s robin & friends’!;) Truly, I had to stare a while to see them!

  2. I wish I could see robins in my back yard! It is covered in deep snow right now. Pretty stuff, especially with cardinals in the trees, but robins would be such a hopeful sight!

  3. I’ve also seen tons of Robins flitting about, wondering what they’re finding in the almost frozen earth. And, get this: a pair of swallows is already nesting! I thought the groundhogs all saw 6 more weeks of winter!

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