Runnin’ With the Posse

The story you’re about to read is true.  I didn’t change any names to protect the innocent because I don’t know any except for Dearly Beloved, my neighbor, and me.   Although we’re innocent, I don’t think there is a need for disguise.  At this point, we don’t fear retribution.

I worked outside this afternoon, shoveling up Miss Piggy’s cigar stubs and stuffing them down vole holes.  I’m not all sweetness and light, you know.  I was thinking, “Eat sh– and die!” with every move.   I’m sure they’ll tunnel their way to my rose bed, munching on roots every inch of the way.   Such was my frame of mind when I saw a stranger behind the shrubs at the back of our yard.

Brashly, I threw down my shovel and started to give chase, but I was no match for his speed.  He ran up the driveway so fast that he’d disappeared by the time I puffed my way to the top.  Since my neighbor’s yard is downhill and lined with shrubs, I was betting he’d headed in that direction.  The street was too open.   I ran behind the neighbors’ house, closing their heavy wrought iron gate behind me in an attempt to corner him.  Dearly Beloved had been out for a walk and when he saw me running, he followed to see what was wrong.  It’s not often he sees me running.

“Come help me!” I called to him.

I frantically rang my neighbor’s doorbell so she’d know that we had invaded her backyard.  She and I stood at her back door trying to decide the best course of action while DB crept around the garage, thinking he could corner the intruder.  At that point, two men called from OUR backyard,  asking for information.   We could see only the tops of their heads, but we didn’t recognize either of them.  What was going on?!

“Back here!” DB called.

The fence between the two properties is six feet where they were standing, but drops toward the back.  They ran to the lower section and scaled the fence.  That was when I saw  POLICE stenciled on the back of their black jackets.

Holy crap!  This must be one bad ass dude!  Wily, too!  Even with two cops and DB in pursuit, he managed to elude all three.  He squeezed UNDER the gate and dashed up the driveway.  Once again, he disappeared immediately.   One policeman ran to get their car as the other one raced up the street on foot.  He hollered to a woman walking a dog and she pointed to another yard farther up the street.

“HEY. . . !” I called.  “Why are you chasing him?”

“Long story!” he yelled back over his shoulder.

What was his crime?  Was he captured?  I may never know.

The cops had referred to him as “Rat Dog.” Harsh… but then I don’t know what his crime might have been.  He’d looked innocent to me.  In fact, I’d chased him because I wanted to HELP him.

That collarless,  little brown Chihuahua may still be on the loose.


12 thoughts on “Runnin’ With the Posse

  1. cw

    I’m with Birdie, what’s the… ‘the rest of that story’!?!! Holy Moly, two police persons after a little biddy puppy??? Inquiring minds definitely want to know!! 🙂 BTW, loved that visual of you stuffing holes and ‘thinking’ eat … and die!!:):) Too Funny!!!!:):):)

  2. You had my imagination going Marylee:-) Hope Rat Dog gets collared soon!

    PS: I buy fresh fish, shrimps, bok choy and other veggies for stir fry in that market…love it all!

  3. Awwww, I hope someone kind catches “rat dog.” You had me through out and “dog” never crossed my mind. Do hope you find out what his “crime” was and let us know.
    Never thought of such a neat thing to do with cigar stubs. Brilliant. My luck however, the voles will flourish on Mighty’s offerings.
    Funny post lady, thanks for the laugh.

  4. LOL Mary, great story! I was wondering why you took it upon yourself to begin chasing a suspicious character type with no thought of your own safety! Hope they rescued the little booger and he got to his home safely.

  5. Having had three Chihuahuas myself and knowing my daughter’s dog, “Shorty,” I’m not surprised Rat Dog was on the lam from the law. In his mind, he probably thinks he’s a Great Dane or a Pit Bull.

  6. That was so funny! It reminded me of a recent encounter I had with an intruder. Except mine wasn’t a little dog, it was the meter man. It was a bit embarrassing but to my defense he had his hood up and his face covered and was running crouching over between our houses with something under his jacket.

  7. Mercy! He must have taken a chunk out of someone and they may have thought he could have rabies…or just a threat to humanity. You KNOW how those mighty chihuahua’s are! 🙂
    Seriously, a bit of any kind is bad!

  8. this makes perfect sense to me. i know all about your “HELPing”. remember the time you graciously motioned the outlaws who’d hijacked the Brinks money truck back into traffic w/ a wave and a smile????

  9. I didn’t know where this story was going as we actually live in a neighborhood where the police chase people all the time….we even had the swat team here one night when a neighbor was holding his wife hostage at gun point….(she still lives with him??) But a chi-wa-wa….my FIL thinks these are the best guard dogs ever…infact he said they are better to scare off intruders then our 135 pound Great Pyrenees with the deep bark….Oh I just laughed……

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