Iced In

It’s Monday, all right.  My computer insists that “loading” is too much to ask of it this morning.   When I looked in the mirror… hello!  Dilbert’s ALICE was staring back at me.  Bad hair day!  If you can’t place Alice in your mind, then imagine that I slept with my head in a pool ball rack.

The schools are closed, so there will be the usual guffawing by those from colder climes who can’t believe that a city can be paralyzed by a little precipitation.  Although I, too, drove in the Midwestern snows without incident,  I wouldn’t be able to  get out of my driveway today even if I needed to take my winning lottery ticket in to be validated by 10 AM.

Luckily, I don’t have a winning lottery ticket.

Our driveway. Solid ice.

When the newspaper carrier tossed out our paper, it slid all the way down the driveway to the back gate.  Fortunately, I was able to retrieve it without doing the same.

We had ample warning of the storm, so while the rest of the populace was rushing to the store for bread and milk,  this former Girl Scout stocked up on yarn, books, and wine.

Speaking of books, Dearly Beloved is rediscovering the pleasures of reading simply for enjoyment now that he’s retired.   Browsing in bookstores or library doesn’t have the same appeal to him as it does for me, so occasionally I pick up a book I think he’d enjoy.   I find him somewhat mystified and myself foolishly delighted when I find one that he relishes.    (“How did you know I’d like that?“)

My most recent find is one he enjoyed so much that he recommended it to our kids and their spouses.  That’s a first.  His absorption was such that I am curious to read it, too.  The book,  The Opposite Field, is a memoir by Jesse Katz a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.   The book jacket proclaims it to be “…an epic book, a funny book, a sexy book, a rapturously evocative and achingly poignant book.  Above all it is true, in that it happened, but also in a way that transcends mere facts and cuts to the quick of what it means to be alive.”

You could keep it in mind for Father’s Day, but then again, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Looks like DB will be getting a knitted cap.  I’ll try to make it epic and sexy.  What do I want?  I think I’ll take No. 15 on this wish list. An entire day of being able to go to the bathroom without having to respond to  “Are you in there?”   Be still, my heart!


13 thoughts on “Iced In

  1. I had 80’s hair yesterday, and that was after it was washed and dried. Haircut on the schedule for tomorrow. Hat in public today.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Thought I’d return the favor! Ice is really a challenge for walking and for driving! Hope things thaw out down your way soon!

    I did go to lunch to meet my friend and had a good time. I thought I might go to the mall for a while after, the the wind was so bitingly cold, decided to go home!

  3. You found my funny bone again. Thanks, great way to start the day.
    You had me at, “a funny book, a sexy book.” Will check it out.
    Good luck on a peaceful bathroom day.

  4. Mary Lee, hello!

    I lost track of you, perhaps owing to the demands of a new blog, one I’m doing with my wife Barbara. It would be more accurate to say with the permission of Barbara: she inspires a lot of the content in http://drinksbeforedinner but should not be held responsible for it.

    I am sorry about your lousy weather, and delighted not to be sharing it. Here in Naples, we sometimes grouse about the temp or sunshine wattage failing to meet its benchmark–until we tune into the Weather Channel. Then we ask Naples to forgive us.

    If you visit the new blog, you’ll notice one entry plays fast and loose with things southern. Please understand that this has nothing to do with North (as distinct from South) Carolina.
    Do you ever check on a blog called first50words? It’s worth a visit.

  5. Thanks for visiting. I peaked in here and found a memoir. Yeah! I’m attempting to write mine, a separate blog, and appreciate reading others.

    How did you find me?

  6. Something else–
    Regarding my post about traveling south: Anyone from a northern state who’s travelled in the Carolinas knows the difference. John Edwards et al aside, NC can lay claim to any number of sane people and politicians (the latter also being people, but not in the same sense). S.C. on the other hand…
    It has something to do with that shift in mood I spoke of experiencing when Barbara and I stepped through the door of a Waffle House outside Charleston. The faces that turned as one as we moved to an empty booth made me wonder how many of the pickups parked outside came equipped with rope and hood. Paranoid, yes, but there it was.

  7. “Are you in there?” Those words bring back so many memories but they were constantly being uttered by my oldest daughter who…I’ve always said… had the longest umbilicle cord in the world!

    Couldn’t believe the snow and ice we got in good old Kinston NC, just up the road from you. I hate to be the one to tell you, but the meteorologist says to expect more this Friday!


  8. Geeze..that icey driveway sounds like an invitation for a fun ride..break out the plastic bags and go for a slide…

    My retired hubby just reads short magazine articles…RV or bird related..and checks on stocks via internet…
    But..I might go get the book for myself..maybe download to my kindle on itouch…

    We usually go to the local card store before birthdays, holidays etc…and pick out cards for each other…show them to each other in the store…
    thank each other and put them back…hee hee..
    saves us from having to pay for them then throw them out….

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