Hanging My Heart

This is our front door.   As you can see, it isn’t one that lends itself to a wreath.  It doesn’t show up well from the street and whatever we hang has to look nice from the inside as well as the outside.  We installed the door several years ago  because the glass panes brighten the previously dark entry hall.  We can’t chase each other naked through the hall any more, but one has to make sacrifices sometimes.Several houses in the neighborhood have pretty heart wreaths up for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to hang one on our door.

I have looked on craft websites, browsed  in stores, but just haven’t seen anything that met my requirements:  pretty on both sides, lightweight so that it doesn’t bang against the glass panels, and oh yes… cheap.

Yesterday I had an idea.  I’d bend two silk tulips into a heart shape and use them as a wreath.  I bought the tulips and wired them together.  I still have to add red ribbon.  The rubber band  on them now is to give the shape “memory” (I’m saying that, but really have no clue as to whether or not it’ll work!)  until I remove it when I’m ready to hang it.

The unhearty heart.

I liked the idea, but it didn’t look like a heart to me, because the leaves looked like horns.  I played with them.

Eeyore Heart

Now it was a heart with bunny rabbit ears.

I had decided that the leaves would have to go and was getting the scissors when Dearly Beloved walked by.

“That’s pretty!” he said encouragingly.

Nah, it doesn’t look right.  I’m going to cut off the leaves.

“Don’t do that.  It looks GOOD!”

I don’t know.  You think it looks like a heart?

His expression changed.  He looked back down at the tulips.

“It’s a heart?”

Hearty har har.

9 thoughts on “Hanging My Heart

  1. Very pretty Marylee! Simple, but heartfelt 🙂

    I hang a felt puffy heart on my front door that my daughter made in girl scouts about 18 years ago …. time flies but the sentiment is still dear to me.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Pfftt, men…I think it’s a great idea. My grandson and granddaughter illustrate perfectly the difference in perception between men and women. When their Dad got a new truck, I asked them what color it was. Grandson immediately said “green.” Granddaughter told him he was wrong. It was “olive.”

  3. Your door is lovely, too bad about always having to be “dressed” though. What price beauty.
    Isn’t it funny how a guy can squash our creative efforts with a few words.

  4. Mary Lee, I have a skull and cross bones link for you. I will email it to you!! It will come from my personal email address and not the blog email–just watch in case it goes to spam!! 🙂

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