You Win, Dear!

Dearly Beloved sometimes asks, “Are you writing a blog?” and if I answer in the affirmative, his second question is often, “Have I been a dumbass again?”

I answer, ever so tenderly, YES and YES.

Not that I’m kidding myself.  Were the man a faster typist, he’d be busy full time compiling an encyclopedic tome: Dumbass Moves of the Little Woman. (Hey, I’d be so pleased with the word “little” that I’d help him shop it around.)

Neither of us is a genius when it comes to electronic technology.   Remember when I took a few snapshots at the beach wedding and somehow ended up with the official wedding photographer–a stranger to me–as my Desktop wallpaper?

Wedding Photographer

Son talked me through the removal, although he, too, was at a loss to explain how I managed to put it there.

DB is, I believe, even more technologically challenged than I am.  For one thing,  his two-fingered laborious typing gives him an air of. . . um, cluelessness.

Last week he composed a letter on his computer.  I have blurred the personal information, so ignore the smeared look.  On the screen, it appeared to be typed perfectly.

When it came out of the printer, however, there was one unfortunate surprise.

Uh oh.

Hello, Son. . . ?


9 thoughts on “You Win, Dear!

  1. Ha! That’s a good one. My husband has Vista on his laptop and swears at it all the time because it’s always popping up with a little balloon asking him if he actually intended to do what he just did. Nag, nag, nag.

  2. Jincey

    My DB is a two finger typist, too. Our children say they don’t like to read his emails because the slow typing causes them to read them too slowly. Little Smart Asses!

  3. Birdie

    perhaps he was supposed to delete those words before he started typing? MY DB took typing in high school and is excellent, thank goodness. I prefer emails to notes around the house–handwriting is illegible and has been since I met him.
    BUT equal clueless about technology, teachable, but slow. His most famous blunder was in announcing the website for his employer as “company period com”–someone in the first row gently suggested it was pronounced “dot” instead of period.

  4. ” his two-fingered laborious typing gives him an air of. . . um, cluelessness.” — I love this line! My husband is the exact same way. Although, I have to admit, while his two-fingered typing seems laborious to me he can actually hunt and peck a with more precision than I thought he could.

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