Feeling a Little Foggy

The cold snap finally broke in the Southeast, so of course we headed northwest for more beastly weather.  Because I-40 still has the rockslide detour, we took the I-77 route up through Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio instead of Tennessee and Kentucky, on our drive to see our daughter and her family in Indiana.

Any time with the grandsons is always treasured.  The weather on this trip?  In a word, YECH!  We are now on our way home, currently lodged in a Bed & Breakfast in West Virginia in hopes that tomorrow we might catch a glimpse of that strange light we used to call the sun.

Perhaps if I share share some pictures of our drive during this trip,  you may understand why I feel too foggy to write much.

We went to grandsons’  youth league basketball games (three games and a practice in two days!)    On Saturday it seemed that everyone else was going here:

Hinkle Fieldhouse, Butler University

The movie, Hoosiers, was filmed in that building, still the site of basketball games for Butler University.

Most of the city planned to watch the Indianapolis Colts play the Baltimore Ravens on TV or actually attend the game.    Indianapolis goes berserk over the Colts and the whole state is nuts over basketball, so the city was sports crazy this weekend.  We weren’t surprised to see all the Colts flags and hoopla.

We were surprised to see this guy on someone’s front lawn:

When we went out to dinner Friday night, one might have thought it was a Manning family reunion, so many of of the people in the restaurant were wearing jerseys bearing that name.  Heck, some were even OUR family members.

Now for the countryside and the January scenery:

West Virginia

Amazingly, when we drove into Charleston and saw a sign warning of fog the next mile when the light was flashing, it wasn’t flashing.  Either the light was burned out or one doesn’tt want to be here when there is a flash-worthy fog.

Let’s hope that it isn’t flashing tomorrow.  Time to head home.

4 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Foggy

  1. Sorry you were exposed to our ugliest January weather! I try to tell myself that without winter, I would have no reason to knit with wool….not sure it helps much. Did you have a chance to visit any yarn shops?

  2. Love the Ohio welcome sign. So far in my travels, the best state border sign and I always appreciate it.
    Sorry about the crap weather but any time with family can survive the weather.
    Have a safe trip the rest of the way.

  3. We, too, enjoy visits with grandchildren. But then we live just a little over two hours from them, so our level of commitment is nothing compared to yours. Often, in fact, we arrange for them to come to us by train, thus saving ourselves lots of “fog.”

    I am sure Hoosiers are fine people. In fact, “some of my best friends are Hoosiers.” At the same time, even the best of them can display stubborn, hard deposits of right-wing orientation. Otherwise likable, rational people from Indiana can all at once start forwarding wierd anti-Obama, Birther-type e-mails. I have to assume these messages have come their way through a network of like-minded people. Discouraging.

    Perhaps more on grandchildren later. My wife and I are just now sad that the oldest among ours has essentially left the building. That is, she appears very much the same to us as the girl we know, but seems now to be inhabited by someone else.
    By the way, my wife and I have started a new blog you might like, http://drinksbeforedinner.com

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