Today would be Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday.  I never forget.  I have previously acknowledged my family’s interest/obsession with him.

My sister has loved Elvis since she was a little girl.  She bought all of his records, saw his movies, drove 700 miles to Graceland, probably still dreams of him.  I don’t think she has a velvet painting of him, but then again. . . .

My mother-in-law may be one of his oldest, truest fans.  She keeps Elvis Presley gospel music playing full amp in the Assisted Living facility where she lives.  (If you’re in Charleston, you can probably track her if you put down your car window.)  She wants to attend a concert by her favorite Elvis tribute artist for her 90th birthday.  (I think an impersonator performs a truck shops, tribute artists at larger venues. )

We don’t remember Son paying much attention to EP music, but several years ago he created this Elvis interpretation:

The Chapel of Elvis

Yes, those are pills outlining the windows.

Son’s house is not the only place family members may worship at the Elvis altar.  The Dude son-in-law has his own  tongue-in-cheek shrine to Elvis, a collection he has assembled from art fairs and galleries.  Here are a couple:

Little Elvis
I Saw Elvis Selling Pictures from a VW Van

When our first grandson was born,  I made a special quilt I thought appropriate for the times his daddy carried  him around in public.  A manly look.   It had a caricature of Elvis in the middle and the verse on the binding began:  Hush little baby, don’t get the blues…Papa’s gonna buy you some blue suede shoes….”

For the little guy’s first Halloween, there was no question as to what his costume should be.

Thank yah, thank yah vurry much.

I have no Elvis art, no CD’s, no Elvis shrines, no Elvis allegiance,so how is it that I never forget his birthday?  Because it’s the day after mine.  NPR didn’t forget either.  If the sight of a pink Cadillac reminds you of Elvis instead of Mary Kay Cosmetics, you might enjoy their Elvis tribute.

Good golly, Miss Molly, it’s enough to get you All Shook Up!


10 thoughts on ““Yesterday”

  1. dancingwithfrogs

    Isn’t it funny? I can’t stand Elvis. Never have…
    I think it’s because my first memory of him was watching that concert he did in Hawaii when he was a fat old man. I’ve never recovered from the horror…

  2. As a young teen, I can remember some of the neighbor ladies getting all worked up about going to see Elvis in concert (The one that turned out to be his last) and being totally grossed out by their behavior. I just couldn’t get around the idea of MOMS acting that way. Now that I am older than they were at the time and a mom, I am not so disgusted. Never was a big Elvis fan, though. Like dancingwithfrogs, it is probably because I knew him first when he was already fat. He never really had a chance to get old.

    And that is the BEST baby Halloween costume. EVER.

    1. DB’s mother is the only adult I ever heard of that liked him when he first started. Most I knew were horrified, which made him even more attractive to kids my age. After he became so fat it was kind of gross and sad at the same time. And ugh, all that sweating!

      I was more a fan of Johnny Mathis music, but I did like Elvis.

  3. Happy Birthday a wee bit late. Hope it was a grand one.
    I met the KING when he was a Page. He had just put out Heartbreak Hotel and was performing in our local movie theater. All he did was sing that song and Blue Moon, I think.
    As my boyfriend and I left the theater, a friend ran up and said Elvis was french kissing all the girls at the stage door. My ballplayer boyfriend who was on crutches from a bad slide into third, hung his head and said I could go get kissed if I wanted.
    I couldn’t bear to hurt a guy on crutches so I declined. Little did I know then how big Elvis would become.

  4. Sharon

    Well! Happy-the-day-before-Elvis’ birthday from Memphis!!! I never have to remember the date, since that is the only thing on the news and in the news around here! Rick’s parents are (were)old enough that his Mom used to tell us how she saw him at a shopping center parking lot singing on a open trailer behind a pickup truck! They went to the same high school, but she was ten years older, and married!

  5. Happy BdaY! The pills around the window are very thought provoking. har. I don’t forget Elvis’ bday either. Get this– my father and my stepfather both share his birthday.

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