Game On!

Grandson Elmo is an early riser.  Some mornings we watched cartoons together as he sat in my lap on the sofa.  One doesn’t snuggle with just Elmo.  His mitt-mitt comes with him.  That’s what he calls those cuddly little squares of soft fabric banded with satin.  He has mitt-mitt mania and does not go far without one.  Santa brought him several new ones in a selection of colors, so he was flush with fresh mitt-mitts and sometimes carried two or three around with him.

He has a technique wherein he sucks his thumb–always the left thumb–and holds the mitt-mitt with the remaining fingers on that hand, moving them as if playing a piccolo to make mitt-mitt magic.  Oh, I did treasure those times because I knew that any minute he was going to ask, “Can I have some orange juice?”

That’s code for, “Let the action begin!”

In those snuggle times, however, I learned some new songs and games from the kiddie shows.  Let’s play one now.

One of these things is not like the other. You know that game?  There may be more than one correct answer, so you must be able to tell how you derived at your answer.  Ready?

Guess which one is not like the other:

Miss Piggy living up to her nickname.
Elmo the Musician.
Pardon the view.
Wild-tailed Goldendoodle.

Oh, come now…did you REALLY guess “Elmo” because he’s not a dog?  Elmo would be the Sesame Street answer.  For goodness’ sakes, we’re playing this game, ADULT-style.

See if you got any of these correct:

Three in the set weigh 33 pounds. Hmmm.

Miss Backside there weighs twice that.  She can–and does– knock you flat with one tackle. Therefore, the correct answer would be #3.

Another correct answer could be #1–Miss Piggy, if one is looking for a set that doesn’t include examples of obesity.

Elmo could also be the correct answer if looking for the one that doesn’t eat dog poop, so if that’s what you were thinking, I’ll give it to you.

We kept the granddog Goldendoodle for several days and DB had to walk Goldendoodle and Miss Piggy separately because their paces were so different.

Goldendoodle glides.  Miss Piggy chugs.  DB called them Speedboat and Tugboat.

I guess it’s not much of a game if there are so many correct answers.  Maybe adults can’t play after all.

Get out the dominoes and let’s play Mexican Train.


8 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. cw

    which in the set had snow falling? am I seeing things, Miss Merrily, or is there snow falling on Miss Piggy?!? Wow, are you good with the which isn’t game, or what!? I had forgotten all about that one!:) And sooooooooooooo relieved to hear that Elmo doesn’t eat dog poop! whew!;):) Gosh, I’d love to sit on the couch with you and Elmo and just watch the two of you!!:):)

  2. Oh good grief, I actually have Seseme Street mentality. Got a really chuckle about the poop eating difference though.
    Miss Piggy would be my choice of whom to walk. I like her pace.

  3. I didn’t know about this game! I could do this with Mr. Monk. Oh, he is going to drive my nuts with this. So maybe not. LOL. We love the domino train. I didn’t know it has a nationality though until now… So, totally unrelated, but why is Chinese fire drill called that?

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