Cute? EGG-xactly!

Not much time for blogging this week.  Daughter Pogo and her family arrived last night.  The three little shavers keep everything lively around here.

Here’s one of them:

That’s the routine every morning with Dearly Beloved.    They brush, they floss, they shave, they groom. . .  along with Granddad, the pied piper of personal hygiene.

Today, even the eyebrows were lucky to come out unscathed.

Raindrops on roses. . . but whiskers on noses?

When he was younger, our son, good egg that he is, sometimes made Christmas gifts for me.   I treasure them all, but these are perhaps my favorites.

Meet the Ovas–Mom, Dad, and little Bud, made from blown-out egg shells.

They’re in good shape except for missing a few limbs, which can be replaced.   That’s pretty surprising, since I’ve had them for at least 15 years.  They are packed away in the attic each year with the rest of the decorations and have been moved at least four times.   Amazingly, they remain uncracked.

We should all be so lucky!


12 thoughts on “Cute? EGG-xactly!

  1. Birdie

    You would think that little shaver’s dad has a beard, but know that is not so. Grandads are just what you said, Pied Pipers!

  2. What an adorable kid! I’m like you with your Ova family. I kept a couple of the ornaments my kids made in elementary school and hang them on my tree every year. One is a bell made from a styrofoam meat tray, and the other is a bell made from a styrofoam cup (is there a pattern here?) The meat tray/bell creator will be 44 in March and the cup/bell designer just turned 38. Always my “babies” no matter how old they (or I) get…

  3. Howdee Marylee!
    I am so happy to have internet tonight! so here i am checking you out to see if you have been naughty or nice..
    I see you have been both! wishing you Happy Holidays..and a Wonderful New Year..

    That little fella is a cutie ..shaving so young..hee hee..nice picture with that ray of light..

    oh and i love your little arm missing eggs…u must wrap them up well so they dont break!
    take care..dont know when I will be back..but hope to be here soon!

  4. Awwww… I remember making those and the hardest part was always getting out of the yolk without breaking the eggs. This post is packed with “Raindrops on roses” moments indeed. 🙂

  5. Awww ..they are adorable!
    I still hang the Popsicle framed photos that my kids made in kindergarten on my tree. They are the sweetest ornaments!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  6. LOL @ little shavers.

    I sure would have loved to have your hubby around when my son was little. Don’t know what it is about Grampas and Grandmas but I’m taking notes for the future.

    How do you wrap your Ova family? I loose glass ornaments every year. Would think that egg shells would be as fragile.
    What’s your secret?

    Although I started this blog a while back, I’m pretty new here. Glad to meet you all.

    Happy holidays,


  7. little shavers!!!!!! Brings back good memories watching my grandpa. Still had the bristle brush for the creme and then a sink of hot water. fascinating.

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