Out on a Ladder Today

Earlier this week I retold the story of the cat and the green ribbon .  This morning I can report that our Christmas with the Animals tradition seems to be alive and well.  Dearly Beloved just returned from walking Miss Piggy and informed me that SHE’s now pooping artificial red berries.   Apparently she munched while I had the Christmas stuff laid out a couple of nights ago.

I’m behind–as usual–and I’ll take any Christmas decorations wherever I can find ’em.  Just not there.

Finally.. . a sunny day here!  We’ve been postponing doing any outside decorating because of (a) the Creeping Crud which still keeps us awake at night coughing and blowing our noses and (b) it’s been cloudy, foggy, drizzly for days.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a sleet/snow mixture, so we need to get the outside lights and decorations up today.   I don’t want to be accused of having crappy Christmas decorations.  Literally.

Dearly Beloved goes in two extremes in his Christmas decorating ideas.   He either puts out a spotlight to shine on the ten-year-old Christmas wreath I usually slap on the front door and calls it “simplicity” or gets out the colored lights and goes for “beer joint cool.”  He needs supervision.

No time to linger on the computer, so, just like the networks, I’m tossing out another rerun from 2008 this morning.  If you need a good horseradish sauce recipe, try the one I included in this post.


5 thoughts on “Out on a Ladder Today

  1. Your animals really take the hum drum out of poop. Always an adventure.
    Love “beer joint cool.” Perfectly descriptive.
    I’m heading for Florida now so I won’t be around for a while. Will try to catch up when I get back.
    Have a wonderful holidays and hope finally being crud-free is Santa’s early present to you.

  2. I love it when you said “He needs supervision.” My husband is exactly the same way – with explanations of his decorating choices. This year? He wrapped the lighted garland around my potted mini Christmas trees on either side of the front door and then let them trail along the porch against the house – instead of wrapped around the porch railing as we usually do. He called it, “Artfully disguising imperfections.” I called it, “Lazy!”

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