Thunder Road–Without the ‘shine

The signs went up last week.  Homeowners Associations sent out e-mail notices, the Traffic Department made robo-calls, the newspaper printed maps, warning motorists.

Not just a road race, but the Charlotte marathon.  They call it (groan) Thunder Road.

The race begins and ends uptown, but comes through our neighborhood.   The 10-mile mark was at our corner.  When the runners reached that point they had been traveling uphill for blocks and blocks.

It was cloudy, damp, and cold–in the 20’s.  The leaders had passed.  This is part of the thundering herd.

Neighbors stood around in warm jackets, drinking coffee and applauding.  This attractive young woman from the running club called out encouragement to the runners.  

I think I used to have a butt like that.

DEARLY BELOVED!  When is the last time we saw that thing–the 70’s?

As the grandsons might say, Bummer!”

There were cowbells and jingle bells and Santa hats.  

(To paraphrase the comic strip BC today,  I did not mean to include the Golden Retriever contributing to the Gross Domestic Product.  I hope the owner had a bag.  There were more witnesses than she anticipated.)

There is always one of these guys.  BRRRRRRRR!!

I mean, COME ON!, Guy!  Even the dog was wearing a sweater!

The dog wasn’t in the race, incidentally.  He, like the Golden Retriever, was out to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product.

All of these drivers forgot about the traffic warnings.  It always happens.  Tomorrow there will be angry letters in the newspaper from motorists who had to wait for 9,000 runners to pass.

Most of the neighborhood enjoys it.  There were signs, lawn chairs, cheering friends and family along the route.

We came back inside, poured another cup of coffee, and looked out  the back window occasionally.

Just like the Energizer bunnies.

Still running. . . !


7 thoughts on “Thunder Road–Without the ‘shine

  1. cw

    butt…. butt…. buttttt….. the 70’s??? I don’t even remember the 70’s… gross domestic productLOLOLOL…. lady, I am heading to bed chuckling… thanks for another great one!!:):) butt butt buttttttt!!!!! lolololololol………..

    1. Birdie

      I agree, but even as a fetus I am pretty sure it was not that flat. Genetically designed to have a “stick out” butt, my sisters and girl cousins had them also, but my daughter blames ME for it! except after hmm, that celebrity started flaunting hers then she was glad. First thing I noticed about Michelle Obama, thank goodness a woman with a great butt!

  2. I don’t know how you found my blog but I’m so glad you did….Your’s is hysterical…Your my type of blogger…Something is telling me you saw me on Joyce’s Blog @ Flour Power…We’re all crazy….My blog this week was well….calm compared to what I usually write about….Like the time someone left a live baby lamb in the front seat of the husbands (The Boss) p.u. truck at the open all night Wal-Mart…I read back to your older posts and you could do a stand up routine…..I look forward to coming back very often….Sue @ Rue Mouffetard.

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