Skinking Around

Our yard is a haven for reptiles, methinks–

Lizards–anoles,  geckos, and dozens of skinks.

They lie on our wall, the sun on their backs

It’s a reptile condo–they live in the cracks.

I know little about them, but maybe you can say

What’s that white stringy thing he’s holding that way?

I wanted a better picture, but time didn’t allow

He swallowed the thing before I figured how!



8 thoughts on “Skinking Around

  1. We don’t have many lizards around here, with the three cats. Those that we do have, are very fast, and it’s impossible to take a picture of them!

  2. Ahh! I will double-check with my herpetologist friend, but I do believe your skink is finishing up shedding. When our lizardy friends shed, they eat most or all of the dead skin they pull off (I think it has some nutritional value — my leopard gecko does it all the time.) It looks to me like your skink has pulled a large amount of skin off his tail and is munching on it as he pulls. So the long white thing is the “inside out” skin pulled off his tail!

  3. If you look at the first pic, you can see that there is still some white peeling skin left on his tail. It takes them a little while to get it all off!

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