Yucky Yucca and Elmo

We have, around here,  the good, the bad, the ugly. . . and the things gone very wrong.

About a dozen years ago our Memphis neighbor left an ugly yucca plant in a plastic quart container on our front porch.  She claimed that she was allergic and said to throw it out if I didn’t want it.  I didn’t. . . but I couldn’t.

Personally, I think she was allergic to its ugly condition and didn’t want to tend to it.  Sucker that I was,  I repotted it and now the still ugly plant resides at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach where it is over-watered when we’re here and parched when we’re not.

The only other plant here, a jade, suffers a similar fate.  If the jade tree gets in a snit,  it drops a branch and I pick it up, apologize, jam it back into the pot, and water it.  It forgives me, takes root,  and all is well.  While it’s not a pretty plant, it’s not eating the house.

But the yucca?  It was munching on the sunroom ceiling when we returned this time:

Son and Daughter-in-law said it would be great in their Virginia loft.  They think it is striking with its stark, naked steams.  I think it’s just stark naked.

Getting it there would be interesting.  If you’re driving a semi- to Virginia anytime soon, let me know and I’ll put it out by the curb for pickup.

Dearly Beloved wheeled it around our deck in search of higher ceilings.  Getting the darned thing through doorways was not easy.  He was not thrilled that I was following with a camera instead of a helping hand.

Twenty feet, Baby!  Knock yourself out,  Skinny Minnie!

Speaking of things gone wrong. . . real knitters should stop reading at this point.

Several months ago I began knitting a sweater for Elmo, the youngest grandson.  He was two at the time, so of course I cast on a size 6.

The unisex pattern pictured a multi-colored yoke but I thought that looked a little girly.  Not to mention that I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to do it.  I’d have had to cast on a size 14 and watch how-to videos for 10 years.

Unfortunately, omitting the pattern makes the decreases jump out and my mistakes show more easily, but that was the least of my problems.

When I saw Elmo in October and tried it on him, he couldn’t get his hands through the too-tight cuffs.  Or button it at the neck.  Solution: tear them out,  learn stretchy bindoff,  loosen up, and redo all of that.

My problems didn’t end there.  Like when I redid the sleeves,  it took me days to realize I’d screwed up the cuffs.   See how long it takes you to see it, non-knitter.  Arrggghhh!

“Leave it,” DB said.  “He’ll know that Grandmary made it for him.  No one will notice.”

Not notice Elmo?  Not likely.


10 thoughts on “Yucky Yucca and Elmo

  1. That yucca plant is gorgeous! And as far as the knitting, that is exactly why I only knit scarves. I am currently working on my three-year scarf, though I do plan on finishing it this winter. Probably.

  2. cw

    I love the sweater – the sleeves look great for that cutie pie of a grandson – seriously, I think it makes it very, very special. Love how you did the buttons, too!

    As for your yucca – it really yucks it up at your BHNOTB – sorry, couldn’t resist:). It is gorgeous!!

    If only my ‘things gone very wrong’ looked so good!!:):):)

    1. TTPT… I don’t remember the plant! I did see Eddie Munster’s hair on some man at lunch yesterday. (DB thought it was Mike Ditka.)
      Pam… just measured my scarf–17 inches now! Mine is column of leaves pattern and there are even videos of someone showing how to do it row by row! There are already so many mistakes, I’ll have to wear it wrapped tightly.
      CW…you noticed that the yucca was tied together, right? It looks like a moon spacecraft if I let it loose.
      KitchenWitch…do you make housecalls? Bring the pomegranate drink. (for me, not the plant.)
      Jane…I LOVE knitting! I read that it’s going to keep me sane. I hope I haven’t taken it up too late! Head for a yarn shop, Girlfriend! How far are you from Virginia Highlands? I liked the one there.

  3. This knitter kept on reading! The sleeves are charming. I bet Elmo loves his sweater. The next one will be easier. I have a boy sweater design brewing… I’ll let you know.

  4. Oh my goodness. That’s one monster plant. I love the color of the wall (sorry I tend to not look at the main subject but the background and I pray ppl are not sick like me since that means I can’t post any picture I take inside my house any more…) Semi truck? That was funny. I think the sweater looks nice. But I can’t knit. And you know this already, but Elmo is so adorable!

  5. The sweater looks pretty darned nice to me. Um, can’t say the same for the yucca. It’s one thing to feel a bit of responsibility to your own plants. But to take in the neighbor’s problems? Quite another thing. Did you live in Memphis a dozen years ago?

  6. Elmo is so cute!

    Were you able to fix the sweater you made for him? It’s too nice to abandon. I don’t knit but wish I could.

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