Pipe Down!

Our neighborhood has been looking a little strung out, so to speak, for the past few months.

water meters

One might say, we’ve been undergoing  a colonoscopy of sorts.

Our neighborhood  was laid out almost 100 years ago, so the city worries that we could be getting a little sluggish.  They’re checking our water pressure.

An enema isn’t pretty,  but at least it isn’t a sewer check.

Driveways look like this.  We have a hard time removing it from our tires.   I hope they have a secret recipe for getting this gunk off the streets.

Apt driveway

Sidewalks have wooden sandwich boards over the pipes.  Miss Piggy is afraid of them, of course, but skateboarders and plaintiffs’ attorneys probably love them.


We are wa-a-a-a-y ahead on our Halloween decorating.

mary janes 032

Is it all just a pipe dream?mary janes 034

Will there be a trickle down effect?flush

We have  Queens Road, Queens Road East, Queens Road West.  There’s also Kings Drive.

Should we be expecting a Royal Flush?


NOTE: I linked this post to Outdoor Wednesday on A Southern DayDreamer’s blog.  I’m not exactly putting my city’s best foot forward here.  Don’t tell the Chamber of Commerce.


5 thoughts on “Pipe Down!

  1. renovatingrita

    Delightfully funny perspective on what must be less than amusing to many in your ‘hood. Oh and the Duggars… I came from a large family and my experience says the older children are parenting the little ones, Michelle is busy birthing and we all know what Jim Bob is doing. Working to put food in all those mouths. What did you think I meant? 😉

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