Tact Enforcement

Leaving the Indiana grandsons is always tough.  The next time we see them, they will be older and so (GULP!) will we.

Once again, we stopped at a motel in Kentucky for the night.   The nearest place for food was a roadhouse with a packed parking lot and people waiting outside. Although I don’t think I’ve ever been in a roadhouse, I chose to save that part of my education for a time and place other than a Sunday night in Smalltown, KY.  DB went over and ordered take-out from the bar.

He came back with a platter of appetizers and a Diet Coke for me.  He explained that he’d asked the cleavage-baring bartender if she could put a glass of red wine in a To Go cup for his wife, but nope… “I can’t.”

Her name tag identified her as CANT.   Seriously.

Cant did offer to sell him an entire bottle and suggested that if he started drinking right then, he could take it back to the room and we’d be able to polish it off before morning.  He decided a Diet Coke would be fine.

When we left the next morning, right before the Interstate ramp,  we passed a building on a side road: Aunt Mary’s Yarn Shop and Luxury Lingerie. Apparently, that little town has life figured out.

Kentucky is a beautiful state and I was intrigued by one of their highway programs.   A huge, flashing message board spanned the highway,  advising that we were in a TACT ENFORCEMENT AREA.  Then the lighting changed the message  to elaborate:   TICKETING AGGRESSIVE CARS AND TRUCKS.

Talk about kicking butt and taking names. . . !     Go, Kentucky!

We needed to be back in Charlotte before 3pm and realized it was going to be close, so we wanted to drive as far as possible without stopping.  I tried to concentrate on other things so I wouldn’t think about food or bathrooms.

As driver, DB had dominion over the radio.  I listened to a digital audio book and knitted.  After I screwed up the knitting project,  I turned to photography, taking multiple pictures with my little digital camera, until I realized that what I had were several dozen photographs of my lap reflected in the passenger side window.

I dozed off and missed the ending of the book.

We made it though, and in doing so we set a new record:  We rode 300 miles without stopping to pee.

Truth be told, we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A about eight blocks from home because my eyes had started watering and DB became concerned about his car seats.

Will I try to top that record?



#1 The Smokys were still smoking and the Blue Ridges were still blue.

#2 Note to self:  Compost.  Topsoil can use the help.

#3 Clouds aren’t the only place to find animals.  This vine animal was so large I couldn’t get it all in my picture.  You DO  see the dog, don’t you?!


We worry about the kudzu down here, but we need to keep an eye on the wisteria, too.  This "wisteria dog" was huge and his "tail" was entwined on a wire going out over the highway.
We worry about the kudzu down here, but we need to keep an eye on the wisteria, too. This "wisteria dog" was huge and his "tail" grew on the on the wires holding up a traffic light.

6 thoughts on “Tact Enforcement

  1. texastrailerparktrash

    Ms. Cant reminds me of the snaggle-toothed gal at the McDonald’s in southern New Mexico who told us “We ain’t got no ice” when we said the sodas were warm. Classy!

  2. CANT was her name, really? original at least!

    glad you are back… oh, next time roll down the window for picture. 😉

    1. TTPT: Will make sure I travel with good old room temperature red wine (and corkscrew!) if I ever wander into New Mexico. Thanks for warning.

      RUTH: You can try it but I won’t be in competition! Diet Cokes are my travel fuel and necessitate pit stops. Run a celebratory flag on your blog if you break the 300-mile mark–dry undies, perhaps.

      POGO: Yep…really. Can you think of anything it might be nickname for? Wonder if other bartender was named WILL. Hmmm.. . window down, huh? Never thought of that.

  3. We see as many wonders in the kudzu as most people see in clouds. We had a picture in the newspaper this summer in which the kudzu looked like Jesus. People flocked from all over to see the Kudzu Jesus. It was really hard for me to believe Jesus would appear as kudzu, but then the Virgin Mary appears on toast and stuff.

    Count me out of the 300 plus club. Makes me want to go just thinking of it.

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