Pray for the Cake

Having been a MOB twice and a MOG once, I am always interested in hearing how mothers survive weddings.  My friend Linda wrote a post recently about her son’s wedding and her harrowing adventure with the wedding cake.

Our oldest daughter Boo is extremely organized and was, rightfully so, very involved in planning her wedding even though she lived several hours away at the time.  That meant lots of phone calls from her to her scatter-brained mother.  My tongue had bite marks for months.  DB teases them even today about “Boo’s wedding” and asks our son-in-law wryly, “Were you there?”

Boo wanted a wedding cake with simple dots on it.  She, I’m sure, would have found the perfect bakery, but when a former neighbor who makes wedding cakes called and said she would make a delicious one at a good price, it was music to my ears.  About the dots?  “No problem.   You’ll want me to use real butter in the icing.  The taste is so much better.”

I took her word for it and crossed “cake” off the list, thinking little more about it.

My dear friend Cee, who had lived through three stints as Mother-of-the-Bride and whose taste I trusted much more than my own, was coordinating the decorating.  Just before the ceremony, I phoned her at the reception site where she’d gone to make sure everything was in place.  Usually the voice of confidence, she stammered a little, before finally blurting out, “Um, can I see if I can do something with this big ugly yellow polka-dot cake?”

The photo of the cake Boo had in mind was lovely; it looked like dotted swiss.  Something had been lost in translation.

YES!  Fix it!

She said she’d use flowers and greenery from the floral arrangements and I was certain she would transform it.  However, during the ceremony while we prayed for the happiness of the bride and groom, I added a silent PS that we wouldn’t kill the guests with poisonous plants.  We didn’t. . . and the cake was delicious and lovely with the deep hues of the flowers Cee had chosen softening the color of the cake, turning it an antique white.

At Daughter #2’s wedding in Beaufort, SC,  the wedding director told me before the ceremony that she was disappointed in the looks of the cake, even though she had recommended the bakery.  I opted to leave it alone.  Adding greenery to a mauve/taupe-colored wedding cake could indeed camouflage it.  Literally.

Besides, I was in a hurry that day because I’d gone out to the big white tent that morning and found that they’d covered the center tent pole with greenery only shoulder high.  It looked like seaweed had washed up on it; not the look I was going for.   One of the kitchen staff ladies held the ladder for me while I climbed up in my MOB suit and pantyhose and stuck ferns and greenery all the way to the top.  Pogo and her husband only thought they had the first dance in that tent.  Her mother had already been pole dancing.   The cake, incidentally, was a strawberry delight and once cut, the icing looked perfect with it.

Daughter-in-law and son’s wedding last year was lovely and I found myself delighted that a MOG doesn’t have to do much beyond wear beige and show up on the big day.  (Rehearsal dinners I can handle!)  Their cake was unique and lovely.  In fact, they had a series of single layered cakes in different, delicious, flavors.

What set me to reminiscing about weddings was a video I saw recently.  You may have seen it; our newspaper even mentioned it.  I laughed when I watched it and then ran it again to look for the mother of the bride, to see how she was taking it.  Take a peek and look over at the groom’s side, too.  Even grandma is clapping.

If you find a video of the reception, let me know.  I’d love to see the cake.


4 thoughts on “Pray for the Cake

  1. When our son got married they ordered dozens of regular-sized cakes rather than one big “wedding” cake. It was interesting to see the guests walking around the cake table trying to decide which to try. They even included a birthday cake for me since they were married on my birthday!

  2. cw

    I want pictures of you pole dancing!!!lololol…. toooo funny! and that video is more fun – OMG, I’m still rocking to the music!!:):) You’ve definitely earned your MOG/MOB merit badges!!:):) lolololol……

  3. 247things

    Sounds like you did better than my wife at our youngest daughter’s wedding reception. She didn’t eat anything all day long and not much at the reception. But she did imbibe on the bubbly. We wrapped up about 11:30 PM and by then she was slightly . . . shall we say . . . wobbly. Got her to the car where she immediately puked in the parking lot. I put her in the car, rolled the window down and continued to bring out wedding gifts to hold for our daughter. The puking continued all the way home. Sometimes I would stop in time and she’d open the door and emit. Other times the emissions never made it past my dashboard. Now mind you, this is a woman who NEVER gets drunk. But the combination of nerves, alcohol and lack of food did the trick. Needless to say, I didn’t have to say a word to her the next day.

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