Belly Flop!


Gotta get back on the starting block for the Extreme Cereal Diet I found in Woman’s World magazine…but not this week.  I need to get myself psyched first, since I jumped in unprepared last time and sank like a rock.

My good intentions lasted through breakfast.

In other words, I jumped onto the Poof, The Magic Diet wagon for breakfast, then fell off before lunch.  Ouch! That’s painful to admit.

I’d bought a box of the heavy duty stuff–the Kashi Lean something or other–the one with 10 grams of fiber and a U-Haul load of protein–thinking I’d drop 14 big ones in a week, like they said.   I’m pretty sure Mikey wouldn’t like it, but Euell Gibbons would have gone nuts over this one.  It looks like twigs and pebbles.

Taste-wise, it isn’t bad;  it just isn’t a selection that says “have more!”  That’s a good thing.  Seconds are what got me into this shape.  But a serving of sticks and stones for breakfast doesn’t scream “ENCORE!” for lunch.

With all the company we’ve had the past two weeks,  getting meals cranked out every four hours or so was first and foremost in my brain. Grandmothers can’t just microwave a few Lean Cuisines; we have reputations to establish with another generation!   Being in cooking-for-kids mode again, I soon found myself playing garbage disposal, too–finishing whatever the grandsons left on their plates.  Why?  Since I wasn’t going to waste it and Miss Piggy is already too chunky, I reinstated my membership in the clean plate club.   How’s that for flawed logic?

Monday morning,  I had my bowl of sticks and stones for breakfast and my first question about the diet arose.   The magazine picture showed Skinny Woman eating a bowl of cereal topped with fruit–a variety of  berries, covering the bowl.  The diet text, however, didn’t mention fruit.  Does one go with the picture or the words?   I opted for the text–no fruit.  Next time I’m going with the one-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words theory.

Later,  Pogo and I went out to knock off a few errands while Granddad kept the boys.  As soon as she said, “Let’s run through Chick Fil-A and get everyone something for lunch” I knew the extreme cereal diet was done for that day.  My conscience was whispering, “Tell her you’re going to have cereal  for lunch” as she drove up to the speaker, but my mouth was calling out, “A #1 on a golden wheat bun with lettuce and tomato.”

And that traitor mouth of mine which couldn’t manage to eat words,  did a most thorough job on the #1.

I’m thinking that variety is going to be critical with this diet, which surprises me.  I thought I could simply shovel in a bowl for breakfast and duplicate it for lunch, but the thought of a second bowl of cereal that day–yech!  If that’s what it’s like on Day 1, then Day 3 would surely be a killer.  And Day 6?  I’d be neighing from all those grains.  Maybe with the fruit and several different kinds of cereal it’ll be better.

It has to be a minimum of 5 grams of cereal, 7 of protein. and no more than 160  calories.  They don’t nix sugar because even 3/4 c. of Lucy Charms is on their list as a “comfort food” option.  Aaaahhhh!   Sweet!  Of course there is also Fiber One, with its 14 grams of fiber in a 1/2 c. serving. YOWSAH!  Either skip the Citrucel or stay close to home that day.

Dinners sound like a cinch:  the usual palm-sized lean meat and grilled veggies or salad–the meals that I should have been eating all along.   It’s just getting past the daytime boredom of cereal and more cereal.  The diet offers the usual kinds of snack choices–three a day.   For the desperate, there is the 100-calorie nut pack and 2 Hershey’s kisses option.  Or for bulk, we can opt for 15 baby carrots and a little hummus or a cup of yogurt and a cup of berries.    Maybe that’s where the fruit came from. . . Skinny Woman reached into her snack options early.

This is going to take some thought and some box reading.  Kashi Lean for breakfast is fine, but but I’m checking those lower supermarket aisle shelves, too.

Maybe there’s a cheeseburger flavored cereal down there.


5 thoughts on “Belly Flop!

  1. Diets! Forget it! The best diet I’ve found is NOTHING WHITE!
    I lost 10 pounds in a months by staying away from white food.

    sugar,flour,white bread, rice, potatoes, milk.

    I’m what I consider 15 pounds above my normal weight at present but have no plans to diet. I will start walking when it gets cooler and that should help. I’m eating white again, but try to watch how much of it I eat.

  2. hey..we will do a NC get together and we will bird and will be end of may june…Will plan as it gets closer,

    Hey can u get a comment onto Jays Down to Earth Blog..just went there..she has new post..but I couldnt comment cause I dont have wordpress account..or something like that..
    i know u have wordpress so u can prob comment..
    let her know that I something up..

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