Humming Right Along….

The pod people have been messing with my brain again.

Yesterday  I was standing in front of the open refrigerator waiting for something chocolate to reveal itself when I became aware of a tune running through my head.     I absentmindedly began singing the words.

My blood ran cold when I heard what was coming out of my mouth:

“Viva. . . Viagra…!”

Oh, the horror!  

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!   How did that get into my subconscious?

That was probably what was using up the brain space this morning which SHOULD have been occupied by “Put some water in the teapot before you turn the burner on high.”  

Consider me the canary in the coal mine, Friends.  I’m sounding the alarm.  Next year that word is liable to show up in the National Spelling Bee. 

We have a retired neighbor, Bubba, who frequently has cookouts and invites his lady friends.  Because he dates women in his own age range rather than their daughters, Bubba’s bar pals tease him about his lady friends. . . ask him if he’s “Going antiquing tonight, Bubba?”   They aren’t talking about furniture. 

Bubba’s lady friends come over, he fires up the grill, waves to the neighbors, and announces  he’s having a Viagra party.   Does he have HIS and HERS/HERS/HERS/and HERS  bathtubs sitting side by side on his back deck?

I don’t know and I’m not asking.

As I’ve said before, I’m not on a tear about erectile dysfunction drugs.  I’m simply amazed at how many TV commercials are out there.   The pharmaceutical companies must have decided to put things like cures for cancer or the heartbreak of psoriasis on the back burner.  (That’s not the one I fused to the teapot, by the way.)  

Remember when televised feminine hygiene product ads succeeded in embarrassing the entire family?  Is that what sent them back into the pages of the women’s magazines?    Personally,  I think a tampon ad is much less scary than the Levitra/Viagra/Cialis commercials with that creepy four-hour warning.

Be careful.  They’ve got to have something to make their product stand out.  (No pun intended there.)   Catchy theme songs do exactly that…catch ya.   You don’t want to be humming the Cialis theme song at the church supper.

It’s hard to get away from it though.  One can now download a ringtone with the Cialis theme song.  Talk about a chick magnet! 

I wonder if Bubba knows.


4 thoughts on “Humming Right Along….

  1. cw

    LOLOLO….. now I’m ‘playing it’…. help!! I’m so ‘fried’ I hadn’t even remembered it was an Elvis tune originally… I knew it sounded familiar… Can you imagine a catchy tune for tampax? Ok, so I can’t, but, Mary, I bet you could!!:):)
    Hope you finally found some chocolate!!:):):)lololol….

  2. LOL…. when I see one or hear it on the TV, I can’t help but think “is this sweet justice for all the Tampon years or Pads with Wings, or what?” I forget which one it is (might not be for reptile dsyfunction, but there’s one …. the commercial starts off … “all the guys” are getting together (like a bunch of woman getting together) …. got ’em all in the “pal” role, hanging out, doing manly things together on a fine sunny day, like cycling up a cliff in Utah, smiling the whole while, not breaking one bit of sweat – just another normal day. NEWS FLASH! that is NOT normal… lol

    I can’t remember if I told you about the transcribing error in the doc’s office … doc had dictated all his office notes for patients seen that day, transcriptionist had transcribed them, he got them back and was reading them…. He read

    Diagnosis: Erectile dysfunction.
    Plan: Prescribe Viagra, no …. scratch that – just See Alice”

    Be back later!

    1. YOU ARE A HOOT!!!! Don’t try to think which one…it may stick to your brain like gum on a shoe. The doctor…? No, you didn’t tell me. LOL!!! We must do a joint blog sometime–did your grandma have a sassy mouth like mine did?

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