And The Winnah IS…!

It would be a tough contest to decide which one of us–Dearly Beloved or I–is the electronics dunce of the family.  With offspring and in-laws involved in computers,  fiber optic engineering,  publishing, and photography, let’s just say that other family members don’t seek us out for advice.  

Son, the computer guy, has been appalled by my laptop for some time and he does have a point.  Since finally getting his father out of Safe Mode and onto a 21st century computer, he has concentrated his efforts on me.  

serviceberry 014

What you can’t see are the missing keys, the worn-off letters, and the temperamental  Q and I, possible victims of a granola bar indiscretion.   Just to type that sentence correctly took three tries.

Here is a picture of my pal Beanie’s lap as she props up my computer screen in order to see it.  Actually, I did the propping for her as she was reluctant to touch it.  Sorry you can’t hear her hysterical laughter.   Those Mac owners are a prissy bunch.

serviceberry 010

 TYPING on it requires a second pillow behind the first one so the whole arrangement won’t slide.   I don’t think this is how Danielle Steele got started.   Worse, the  pillows and the over-heating computer on my lap give me hot flashes.  Even estrogen couldn’t help in this case.

DB and Son have been involved in secret conversations for some time and yesterday Son called to ask me for passwords I might be able to remember to access all the bells and whistles he is putting on my computer surprise.   Soon I’ll be able to get my nose in the air with Ms. Beanie’s.

I’ve been seeing all the beautiful photos on other blogs and thinking “new camera!” too.  All those fabulous pictures the the nature/birder bloggers take with their powerful zoom lenses!   My little cracked-screen, way-too-slow camera is cramping my style.  Not that that I’m about to become Nature Woman. 

Here is my birding buddy (aka the screen cracker) with whom I share bird identification skills.

serviceberry 012

 Look!  Red bird, yellow bird, bluebird, blackbird.

Recently, in a burst of  nature enthusiasm,  I decided to take some pictures to ask how a dinner-plate sized snapping turtle could have gotten itself on our backyard berm.  I’ve explained before how this used to be a big hump of dirt after a developer dug a retention pond beyond us and left the piles behind the houses.  We flattened our dirt and enclosed it with a wrought iron fence and retaining wall.   I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how the turtle got up there.

Here is the first photo, to illustrate how high above ground level  it is.   It says something about my nature woman enthusiasm that these were taken long after the snapper disappeared.  I didn’t even go near the window while it was out there.

serviceberry 002redo

That isn’t just a fence in the background; it’s a fence on top of a retaining wall.  The fence is sunk a foot deep, so there is no gap between fence and ground.  Not that we had anything against gaps; that was an overzealous Architectural Review Board requirement.  Moving on….

And that is exactly what the snapper DID.  Before the Critter Control guy could arrive, the turtle was gone.   We couldn’t find it anywhere.   The next I heard, it was in the yard behind us, terrorizing the dogs.  I wanted to take a picture to illustrate the difference in topography of that yard and ours, but I’m afraid my attempt shows more about my photography skills.

serviceberry 008What?  Can’t quite figure it out?   No, I haven’t inserted it upside down. 

Here is a picture taken by DB which shows it more clearly.  He scaled the fence and jumped down into the neighbor’s yard to get the shot, whereas I simply bent over the fence and snapped, taking a picture of my own leg.

serviceberry 007

So how did the turtle do it?  I have no idea, but I hear that he was spotted going up our driveway recently.  At this point I’m just hoping that wonder turtle doesn’t have a key to the house.

As for who wins the dunce prize?  Sometimes DB will check my blog and ask, “No new blog?  Your husband didn’t make any dumbass moves today?”   He jests.

I do a fine job of that all by myself.


7 thoughts on “And The Winnah IS…!

  1. Julie

    How did you even get the camera in that position? I laughed out loud because it reminded me of many a picture I’ve snapped of my feet! Or, I’ll inadvertently take video movie on my camera of my feet and me saying something like, “Now, what have I done!” Thanks for the good laugh!

    1. I was holding the camera in one hand and trying to bend over the fence and lean out, holding on to the fence with the other hand. I think that was a panic click. I’m lucky I didn’t flip over. (My big butt anchored me.)

  2. hee hee..A new computer surprise! Camera! Not fair ..totally not fair..I might have the edge on you with photo and a computer that doesnt fall apart ( though I think my hard drive is dying)
    But I cant even begin to come close to your writing skills and you story weaving..
    So..not fair..I think you should stick with old camera and flat laptop! tee hee

  3. I love the bird ID friend! LOL! And “berm” (how ironic – we had discussion last week on “berm”) Not to mention your snapper! How DO they do it? I had no clue how skilled diggers and burrowers turtles can be until I learned from my sis (who has turtle sanctuary in Baton Rouge where …. turtles are everywhere!) I couldn’t believe what they are capable of (nor could she until she got into turtle sancutaries, which she loves!) Comments I get from the computer literate …. “mom, you can install the printer by just….” (please come do it for me..) Friend sat down “where are the letters on this thing?” (eight years has erased the S, K, L, N, M, T and others and put a dent in the spacebar.) They’ve suggested a museum. NO WAY! It works!

    Have you found the turtle?? LOL!

    1. The turtle showed up days later in the yard behind us and when the critter folks came to collect it, it shredded the Rubbermaid garbage can. I don’t know where they took it, but I think it’s ba-a-a-ck!!!

      Have you ever posted pictures of your sister’s turtle refuge? FASCINATING! There’s a hospital for sea turtles at Topsail Beach that does wonderful things.

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