Stop Me Before I Click Again!

Want to go to lunch?  Don’t ask me where I want to go because I’ll probably say, “Any place is fine with me.” 

Even if I add, “…maybe not Mexican”  you could say,  “That’s too bad…I found a terrific Mexican restaurant!”  and I’d probably beat you to the car in my haste to try it.   It isn’t that I’m demurring when I say any place is fine.   Do I want to eat out?  YES.  That’s my opinion.  Where is irrelevant.

When I was in school, those aptitude tests we took told me nothing.  I would score equally in several completely unrelated areas, giving the counselor no idea of where to point me.    Dearly Beloved has already retired with a wife who never figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up.  (Except Mrs. DB, of course.)

Don’t even ask  my favorite color…book…movie.   When I take those magazine tests on What’s Your Decorating Style?  it turns out I don’t have one.  “What’s Your Personality Type?”  is a waste of time for me.   My clothing style?  HA!  Our garden is pretty, but it isn’t cottage, or Charleston, or native–it’s some of all of those and more.   Or less.

Does that mean I’m well-rounded or simply wishy-washy?  Darned if I know. 

Is my enjoyment of  knitting, sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, gardening, and crafting simply the megrim   (Word of the Day!  ta dah!)  of  an unfocused mind?  For sure it indicates a lack of dedication to either, and allows for  mediocre skills in each.   If my craft closet is cluttered,  my brain must be ready to blow all that stored confetti.  

My hopscotch interests make my visual hikes into the blogosphere  dizzying.  My favorite bread is a Blogroll.  I’d have callouses on my bum if I looked at all the blogs that I find entertaining. 

The knitting blogs…OH MY GOSH!   I never tire of looking at their FO’s.  That’s Finished Objects, something you haven’t seen on my blog.   They’re amazing!    They not only complete projects, but they spin, they dye, they make up their own patterns…I am SO not in their universe, but in awe of their talents.   I could (and do!) spend  hours peeking into their knitting baskets.

The blogs by the graphic artists, the design mavens. . . holy cow!   The art blogs. . . how can anyone be clever enough to think up Paris Breakfasts?  And the sewing blogs!  These aren’t women who do the smartypants dance simply because they’ve completed a Simplicity pattern without having to rip out a seam.     They know what all those presser feet are for, design their own patterns.    They have to tell you that they made what they’re wearing.  (sigh)

The knitting blogs led me to the nature/birding blogs, thanks to the Nature Knitter who shows me sights  I missed when we lived in Minnesota.  What nice people  the birding bloggers are!    Mary Ferraci is a friend; I just haven’t met her yet.   She’s generously  supplied me with photographs  even after I maligned her favorite dog breed.  To know someone who can supply a horny toad on demand is  not to be taken lightly!  

Down to Earth  takes me up and down  rivers and creeks in eastern North Carolina, where I grew up and reminds me of  beauty I’d long forgotten.   And Mountain Musings  shows me a  part of our state unmatched in majesty, except for those weird white squirrels.  She transplanted from Wisconsin to NC; we transplanted from NC to Wisconsin for several years.    Dawn Fine  goes EVERYWHERE  and takes us along for the ride. 

There are some cooking blogs that I love to browse and they led me to the writing blogs which I have been exploring of late.  I love the simplicity of 100 Words from Dublin.  Don’t let me ever miss’s  Daily Chuck  picture;  I’m admiring of anyone who can support herself with a blog!  

Then there are the book blogs, the pet blogs, the photography blogs, the news blogs…!   My recent discovery of some good blogs by  retired women was  like opening a chocolate sampler.    Hello, friends!   Just this week, I’ve come upon some responsible current events blogs.

Send on the links to the self-discipline blogs! 

In the meantime,  I’d better not  put myself up against a fifth-grader, but I could learn a thing or two from this five-year-old:

Thanks to Pogostick Photography!
Thanks to Pogostick Photography!




10 thoughts on “Stop Me Before I Click Again!

    1. My husband is still boycotting getting another big dog, so I’m sharing yours, along with the mountain laurels.
      Not 5th grader…extremely cute 5-year-old…one of his grandmary’s favorites. 🙂 (Along with four others.)

  1. LOL ..oh my goodness…I am loving you and not liking you at the same time…
    Ok I confess …I confess…I am a Blogoholic as well!

    and oh oh…look at those exciting links you have given me…unseen places in cyberspace… Oh I love you..more goodies…more treasures…
    but……I havent enough time in the day to read my sooooooooo long blogroll and now you give me more…thats the not liking you part!

    I dont know that my husband understands my addiction..or other family members… good do have addiction buddies…tee hee
    by the way….did you look at my might find a few treasures there! come on just one more…..

  2. LOL on… My name is Mary Lee and I’m a Blogaholic. My name is Jay, and I’m late .. is there still any blog-flavored coffee left? Loved this post, as I always love all that you write. From the first time I ever read from here it was all I could do to pull myself away. Just like the others I go by to see , which I regret I can’t spend more time going by (Dawn and NC Mountainwoman are my only other “reads”) I have to tell myself when I get there “don’t click again”, wishing so badly I could just sit and READ some more. I can’t believe at times the wonderful folks I’ve met whose blogs and whose lives make my day more gratifying than it was before I arrived to their blog. I just wish I had more time, darnit! This place I live??? lol…… at times I have felt like there’s not a soul within at least 100 miles who knows or CARES what a Pileated woodpecker is or knows or cares when the Mountain Laurel blooms in the mountains LOL!! (You grew up here…. you know what I mean … teehee!!)

    The note by the fifth grader ….. how precious is that?

    Well… midnight is almost here…. better go catch these zzz’s 🙂 before I click again.

  3. I don’t think you are indecisive, you are just like many things. I too have a deep love for blogging and I am a sucker for a good blog. I am new to your blog but I am glad I found it, I like it a lot. It would seem that I will be the one with callouses on my bum. LOL.

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