Camp Granddad

No time for blogging this week. 

Yes, my internet is working, my computer screen isn’t  flopping on its broken hinge, and the house isn’t on fire, so what could keep me away from my keyboard?   Here are three reasons:

May visit 008

In between the rain showers, there is this:

May visit 002

(Helmets ARE used–this was quick trial ride in back yard.) 

There has also been much of this:

May visit 017

The oak tree is so big and leafy that it protects the basketball goal beneath it so there is plenty of this even in the rain:

May visit 006

And they brought  their four-legged friend along.  Those markings on the pavement are where Granddad made free throw and boundary lines with his power washer.

May visit 016

Stories to read, hot dogs to grill, games to play,  bikes to ride, dogs to walk, boys to feed, laundry to do, hugs to give and receive, laps to make available. 

Thursday night,  the oldest two watched  The National Spelling Bee in our bed with Granddad.  At about 11:30pm he came into the den where I was reading  the morning paper and asked that I check on him occasionally during this nightly ritual.  Their arrangement had Granddad in the middle,  arms open wide with a snoozing grandson in each armpit.  He’d been unable to move in order to reach the  powerful nose itch  he needed to scratch.

I’m now in charge of scratching his itches after 9pm.   (Like that’s something new!) 

Miss Piggy, The Little Psycho,  is delighted with the extra pats and treats but has no interest in sharing space with the Granddoggy romping in the backyard.   She’s having none of that I’ll-smell-yours-then-you-smell-mine stuff.  She plops down, putting her object of interest out of nose range, and gives us a long-suffering look to make sure we understand she is SO grossed out by it all.  The insult, she decided, entitled her to sneak into Granddoggy’s crate and steal all the chews.  Granddoggy, with no chew toys,  worked on her mattress instead, making the playroom floor look like a foam rubber cyclone blew through.  Puppy had a very busy night.

Granddad, who never ventures from the bedroom without being showered, shined, and spiffed, now wanders around  outside in his underwear at 6am, letting dogs out, adjusting bike helmets, letting his grateful spouse sleep until…oh, 6:30 or so.   Everything Granddad does is wonderment to them and they want to imitate his every move.   They brush their teeth and even shave with him…a five-year-old can have a pretty brisk beard, you know.

This morning they all weighed and the two-year-old brought the scales in for me to weigh too.  Good luck with that, Kiddos.   Little Dude and Miss Piggy weigh the same.

One kid packed books and games but not so much as an extra shirt or underwear.   The second one could stay for three months  (and wants to!) with the clothes he packed– clothes he has little interest in sharing with his brother, who has had to go commando this week.  The little guy brought plenty of clothes, but lives in his Wiggles t-shirt. 

Time for blogging after they leave.  No hurry.   A two-year-old in my lap trumps  a laptop any day.

No hurry at all.


7 thoughts on “Camp Granddad

  1. cw

    grandad in his skivvies – now that’s a visual!! 😉 Sign me up for a week at camp grandad!!:):) Another great one!

  2. Adorable! Look at those eager eyes looking out that window – lol – ready to go again! And that golden, shining hair … golly… can’t they all just melt hearts in milliseconds? teehee Who’s sleeping better? Maybe he’ll let you sleep til 6:35 this a.m? The foam rubber cyclone event…lol… that’s a visual I’ve seen before. Nothing like a houseful of kids and jealous dogs! What a great read… big smiles. Have a great time, and – I know you are – but enjoy every single second!

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