Hidden In A Little Gem

Nature woman here, reporting back  from the garden. . . .

My little point-and-shoot camera with its cracked screen and temperamental zoom that was never very zoom-y at its best, went along for the ride on my wrist.   Today I needed smellography, too. 

There were  the little daisy gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides) . . . ahhhhhh!

Bat 009

This Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia Virginiana)  packs a powerful punch with a terrific SPI!  (Smell-per-inch and I just made that  up, so don’t be looking for it on plant charts.)  The apple green leaves of this one  make it easy to spot in the woods… or just follow your nose if it’s in bloom.  They don’t call it sweet for nuthin’!

Bat 001

No room in our yard for a large magnolia, but we have a Little Gem.  I don’t know which is prettier, the open flower…

Bat 002

or the bud…

Bat 005

WHOA!!  Back up. . .

Bat 003

Bat 004

Holy cannoli!  I almost touched it.  Not much zoom, remember?  And I thought they were just in my belfry!


3 thoughts on “Hidden In A Little Gem

  1. Oh I love them, and I love your “SPI”! We have some really big (old) Magnolias around the yard. They do make a mess with the dropping of their leaves this time of year and then with their pods in the fall, but it’s not too hard to clean up, and the blooms and SPI are well worth the clean up! And they’re evergreen, too (nice to see GREEN in the winter!) Since they’re one of my favorites, I’m always surprised by the number of people who want to get rid of their magnolias, claiming “they’re messy.”

    lol…. I have to fight the urge to reply – “you mean they’re dropping leaves all over the mess?” teehee ….

    Beautiful shots!

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