Gainsborough In the Garden

Look at this pretty little Southern thing. . . !  She’s about the size of your pinkie nail and her color is so pretty that it inspires gardeners like my friend Dirtwom in Tennessee to run out and take photos in the rain. 

Something this small. . . this lovely. . . has to be harmless, right?  Just another pretty face in the garden.

pink mothAnd then your salvia blossoms start disappearing. . . .

We think it’s a  Southern Pink Moth (Pyrausta inornatalis).     

There is, of course, Gainsborough’s Pinkie if you just want a pretty face to hang on the wall.  But here’s a picture of a pink critter belonging to my friend Beanie’s granddaughter.  The Latin name is  Simis Rosa.  

Meet Miss Pink Sock Monkey.   The salvia is safe with her.



4 thoughts on “Gainsborough In the Garden

  1. Pretty little pink thing! (I’m talking about the monkey – lol!) That sock monkey has style!! Seeing a cute little sock monkey reminds me of the days my sis and I would argue about the proper ownership of the identical (almost identical) sock monkeys given to us …. usually by relatives. The one with the barely noticeable flaw such as a barely noticeable button askew or barely noticeable one arm longer than the other was always “that one is yours!”

    That other little pink thing with wings is pretty, too, but I was sure glad to see it wasn’t listed on Dave’s Garden site as having been seen in eastern NC. I never knew anything would invade salvia. Guess there’s always something out there to invade everything!

    I still have all my sock monkeys!

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