Monday Moanin’ Redux and Un-Duxs

Guilt time.  I’m regretting some of my comments  about the Sunday Morning Talking heads.  A woman who watches in a chenille bathrobe should keep her mouth shut.   However, since I’m already in swampwater, here’s an update from yesterday: 

The Sunday Squawking Heads Report:  Matthew Dowd didn’t appear on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos so no blue jean report this week.   Over on NBC, David Gregory had traded his lavender tie for an orange one and in a funny coincidence, one of his guests had on the identical tie AND the same suit as David.  Remember when Laura Bush rushed upstairs to change at a White House Christmas party after a guest showed up in the same red dress?   Not so much with men, I guess. 

Now, on the the moaning…

You know how time flies when you’re having fun?  By the time 60 rolls around, it usually flies anyway,  fun or not.   I’ll plan on doing knitting something for a Christmas gift and suddenly it’s December 23 and I can’t even remember where I put the yarn.  

I’m thinking that’s a good thing.   Sometimes we’ll  want to slow time down to enjoy every perfect moment, but during those times when we fear the our world has collapsed  and things will never be right again,  it helps to know that the hands of the clock still move.   Tick…tick.  We can get through anything one minute at a time.  Remember that. 

Still, I have known people who try to sleep late so that the day won’t seem so long with nothing to do and that always surprises me.  Nothing to do?  It took DB months to learn to do nothing after he retired.  Now he does it quite well, but then he had me as a role model.  With retirement, projects don’t have to be squeezed into weekends any longer.   The problem with that is…without that deadline, the projects  tend to…well, linger. 

The deck we were going to paint last fall?  We decided spring would do just as well, but haven’t picked up the sander so far this year.   I’ve already  taken the paint back to the store  to be shaken twice now.  The next shake trip is on Dearly Beloved.

Sometimes the urgency about a job has to do with whether one is from Mars or Venus.  Exhibit A:


(Note:  DB says this deserves more explanation.  Hey. . . he’s welcome to comment!)

Last summer we gave away our dining room table here at the beach house-not-on-the-beach, the too long trestle table that stretched out into the entry hall.   Son and Daughter-in-law offered to bring their round dining room table out of storage because it was too large for their loft apartment,  just right for here.

The  table top wouldn’t fit into their car.  No problem, just bring the base.  We’d get the top when we drove up Thanksgiving.   Only a few months  without it and you know…  time flies. 

That table top  turned out to be  larger than we thought, larger than the back door of our station wagon.  We returned without it.  That was last year. The top has long been rolled back into son’s closet  and the base still sits in our dining room, 350 miles from its top  half.  We call it the pinhead table.  table

So how badly do we want that top. . .   350 miles in a U-Haul truck?    We’re still thinking.

In the meantime,  people are starting to think us anti-social.   Remember the  aliens  in Men in Black, the ones that could shrink their heads like deflated balloons?   We  could accommodate a couple of them,  provided they wouldn’t  mind standing.  Very long arms would be required if we used chairs.     We could start with a small salad:


SOMEtime, before any of that,  I must head for the garden and dig out the weed which grows freely because I’ve procrastinated about doing it right and just pulled them with my hands.   Bad move.  The white root that looks like a ghostly cocoon sends out thin stringy white roots  in all directions, making a network of the obnoxious plants.   The landscape guy said  the weed is  from Florida.   While I can imagine it easily stringing its way up I-95,  I’m not sure it came from Florida.

Wouldn’t it have headed, instead, for the Blue Ridge Mountains… like the rest of the Florida contingent does this time of year?   


 (Welcome to NC, Folks.  Please leave your weeds at the border.)


7 thoughts on “Monday Moanin’ Redux and Un-Duxs

  1. db

    To our children:
    1. Toilet paper holders are complex equipment. This one has both an external allen screw and internal phillips. The phillips is the problem, but to get to it the allen has to be removed. The allen is almost stripped, because I have repaired it twice. It’s a delicate procedure. We’ve only been back 1 day since it last slipped. It’s on my schedule today, or tomorrow. I’m not buying another one.
    2. The deck has been sanded twice and pressure washed 3 times (that’s more fun). The deck now has an unique character and charm that I’d like for you to see before I paint it. It nice here in the fall. I’ll wait ’til you come.

  2. Jincey08

    DB’s children could give him a new and newly-installed toilet paper holder for Father’s Day. Or maybe that’s a more fitting Mother’s Day gift.

    1. merrilymarylee

      I bought that kind after realizing that I was spending too much of my life changing toilet paper rolls. You know how it is– if there is ONE square left on the cob, they leave it for The Little Woman to change. This holder is so quick and easy, even youngest grandson could change it–if he shows any interest in potty training, I mean. Current situation fraught with danger: holder suddenly tilts and the roll shoots across the bathroom, leaving a stranded sitter. Usually me.

  3. Sharon

    to db:

    1. I have found that the more modern the toilet paper holder, the more complicated it is to repair. Hence, I have returned to an early, rustic (charming) version of a toilet paper holder…a lovely basket on the floor next to the toilet. Just stack up the rolls like blocks. Way convenient, too.

    2. That’s a good look for the deck…”shabby chic”.

    See, Mary, will be amazed at what a decorating whiz you’ve become in your retirement.

    1. db

      To Sharon:

      1. I like that. Plus there’s backup supply at the ready.

      2. “Shabby chic” is indeed what it is. I’m going to pull out my seersucker shorts. I’m sure I still have some.

      You’re right Mary will be amazed I’m a decorating whiz, and that you said I am.

      Hello to Rickey. Do y’all still go to the ball games?

  4. Sharon

    Hi John! We haven’t been to the ballgames in 3 years. Shameful really! It is usually raining in the spring or we’re in Arkansas…and then it is too hot. We were going to go on Easter Sunday, but it was rained out.

  5. This is so funny ….! Sunday Morning Talking Heads! … tee hee : -) And I can so relate to the projects that – once retirement comes – take forever to complete. That bothersome weed and its white tubular bulb(s) on the end with 100 more attached that can live forever once uprooted, to be carried off by a heavy rain to yet another area of the yard.

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