Forever in Blue Jeans

My addiction to the Sunday morning talking heads goes beyond their words.   I’ve watched them so long I could mute the television and still know what they’re going to say.   I know these people. 

If they ever have a week of correction for talking heads,  like the one Dearly Beloved moderated this week at our house, I’d suggest that Donna Brazile  loosen those crimps in the front of her hair.  Cokie Roberts needs to work on her manners about  interrupting  her fellow panelists and somebody is not giving her good advice on the colors she wears.   David Gregory might think about  laying off the pink/lavender ties for awhile and  Chris Matthews needs to shut up and listen when his guests try to answer his questions.   (Hey, they’d probably appreciate my suggestions.  As I said, I know these people!)

Speaking of talking heads, did you read George Will’s recent diatribe on denim?    We’re supposed to use Fred Astaire or Grace Kelly as our touchstone  for deciding what to wear.   Darn!  Now I suppose I need to search through all of Grace’s  old photos to see when it’s proper to wear my tiara.  Proper Southern girls never… nevah…wear diamonds in the daytime, but who knows what Pennsylvania Grace’s momma told her.  

Sonofagun, the desire to dress  like Fred Astaire explains why George Will often wears  bow ties.   Fred Astaire wore one because (a) it was the correct tuxedo accessory and (b) a tie would have hit him in the face when he danced on the ceiling.   George may hit the ceiling on occasion, but I’m guessing he’s not wearing tap shoes.

I didn’t take personal affront about the denim snark because  I already know my butt looks like a billboard when it’s shrouded in denim.  (Memo to self: look for photos of Grace Kelly in sweatpants.)

Darn!  I’ve wandered off the porch again without getting to my point.  Let me get back in my rocker. . . .  

If you watch ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos you know that George Will appears on the panel of “experts” regularly, often with Matthew Dowd, a Republican political consultant who was chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney ’04 presidential campaign.  The two of them sit at the table to Stepanopoulos’ right (of course!)  with Matthew Dowd sitting nearest  the cameras.   Every week  Matthew Dowd wears a shirt, tie, suit jacket. . . and  blue jeans.   (Can’t resist adding this one, too:  Here’s Will Ferrell  imitating Neil Diamond in blue jeans.)

Maybe Matthew doesn’t realize  the camera takes long shots or assumes that  under-table shadows  camoflage them.  Or maybe he just thinks, “Damned if I’m going to wear a suit on weekends!”  

I was curious to check out Matthew’s attire  on the show after George Will denounced denim to the world.  Would he cower and wear the pants to the suit? 

Nah.  Shirt, tie, jacket. . . and jeans.  

Wonder if that tie is a clip-on.


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