Wouldn’t It Be Lover-ly?!

 I don’t hit the after-Christmas sales  in search of  bargain-priced decorations  now,  since doing so  implies a commitment to actually use them the following season.    Fitz and Floyd, Dept. 56, Royal Doulton. . . put me on your mailing list only for the goodies which specify  “No Dusting Required”   and  “Self-packing”  for those seasonal items.  I’m starting to pare down around here–or at least trying not to pile  on. 

Every now and then though, something really strikes my fancy.   Probably happens to you, too.  And don’t you just hate it with the fancy-striker is at someone else’s house instead of  on a clearance rack at 75% off?  A case in point:


Wouldn't It Be Lover-ly?!

I love this little door decoration.  My neighbor hangs it on her front door from November until spring and it never looks tired or out of place.  So simple, but  lovely.   Think how easy it would be to pack away until the next year!   I’d hoped that simplicity might translate into easy to copy.    Not a chance. 

This particular neighbor has seen the world so many times she could wallpaper her powder room with old passports.   Had she tucked it into her luggage from her cruise up the Rhine last summer or her tour of historic north African mosiacs in the fall?    London?  Surely not India.   I’ve heard about them all–several times, in fact– but no, it seems she bought it from a little shop in Carmel, California.  That’s great news;  I wouldn’t have to renew my passport to chase after one.  It would be just a cross-country trip.    The bad news?   She’s had it for years.  I’m not apt to run across one at Marshall’s or Tuesday Morning.

My first difficulty has been that  I haven’t been able to find just the right sized pinecone.   How can that be?  Surely, somewhere in the land of the long-leafed pine. . .  the summer land where the sun doth shine. . . where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great. . . .   and no, that’s not Lake Wobegone.  Those natural-looking berries placed here and there look  so real but surely must be fake,  like the pine needles.   Even the sisal roping or whatever that is …simple and charming.  

Occasionally my daughters send me e-mails or pictures of  their fancy-strikers with hints that perhaps,  if  I have the time….  Sometimes I actually come through with finished products.  There was  the Elvis costume and oh yes, it’s coming back to me now. . . there were the appliqued crib quilts in mommy-chosen themes and the hand-embroidered clothing for the tots.   There’s another grandson-sized cap on my knitting needles right this minute.   And  those poems for invitations?  I had to use my dwindling  supply of brain wattage to come up with those,  you know.   Are we communicating yet, Kiddos? 

With five grandsons who love nature walks, two very crafty daughters, a talented son and daughter-in-law , I’m wondering if perhaps simply posting this photo might be enough to embolden someone to make mama happy.    I’m thinking Mother’s Day, but any time by Thanksgiving. . . .

Note:  In the event of inspiration,  please  do not concern yourself about duplication.    We have several doors, so multiples are welcome.


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