Notes from a Pod Person

Remember The Invasion of the Body Snatchers where the seed pods hatched during the night and then took over the sleeping villagers’ bodies?  (I think of that movie often:  the original one,  not the cheesy remake.)

I awoke this morning and it had happened.  I had entered 65 and over  bracket on the survey sheet and didn’t feel a thing.  You know what I mean.   They’re interested if you’re  Under 21, 21-34, 35-50, 50-65, but after that?    Frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn.  It’s becoming clearer to me why old timers walk around  talking to themselves.   No one else wants to hear it.

Before dawn I walked outside in my nightgown and slippers and brought in the newspapers.  I stopped in the entry hall to   remove their plastic bags  for later dog doo-ty  when I heard a noise and looked back outside to see that it  was suddenly pouring rain which was being blown sideways by strong winds.   Was I just out there?  I thought, snug  in my warm, dry nightgown. 

Later, I opened the shutters in the bedroom  and  several lovely white-edged pink camellias on the shrub outside my window greeted me, nodding in the strong gusts of wind.   The buds on the outside of the bush had been hit by an earlier cold spell which turned them hard and brown, so I wasn’t expecting any blossoms this year, but these house hugging buds had opened into beautiful blooms  for  a cheerful rainy day surprise.    Camellias are so lovely! 

Birthday greetings from  friends waited in my e-mail box when my computer finally deigned to boot up for me.  It knows I would replace it with a new green Mac in a heartbeat, so no birthday greetings from it,  but Coca-cola e-mailed sincere wishes with its picture of a Diet Coke and ice  cubes spelling Happy Birthday in a glass.     My State Farm rep was next with birthday greetings.  The man gets right down to TCB-ing his To Do list; he called at 9:05.  Steinmart, Ace Hardware, and a several other businesses sent   gift certificates  and discounts if I’ll show up and  buy something.   And they say corporate America doesn’t have a heart! 

The country club sent a coupon for a free drink and I have pinned it to the bulletin board along with the other ones Dearly Beloved  and I have received over the years.   We almost have enough that we could  yell, “Drinks all around!”  and pay for them with a fistful of free drink coupons if we ever go there for a drink. 

DB brought me flowers and a bagel for breakfast, that romantic devil.  Toasted, with sesame seeds.  My favorite.   Friends called to invite us out to dinner tonight.  Fine with me, but he declined, saying it was my birthday.  He  also membled something about  the Duke/Davidson game on ESPN at 7.

I’d been thinking about where I’d like to go for lunch and had a list of  fancy possibilities.  When it came right down to it  though, I was so comfy in my elastic waist sweats that my chosen outing consisted of  going by the library and to our favorite pub for fish and chips and Diet Coke, the same things we do ‘most every week.    When you’ve got a good thing going, enjoy it. 

To my friends, including my friend husband,  who are past 65,  you’ve made it look GOOD!  I don’t know why I was so afraid.   (Martha, do you still do cartwheels?)  And to the others, my whippersnapper friends who are idling at  sixty. . .  don’t let it scare you.  Don’t fret about it like I did.  Just  jump right in–the water is fine.  But bring a beach jacket;  if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll probably  look like hell in a swimsuit.

Feeling fine, Friends. . . nothing old about this woman.  Gotta go though–things to do!   On fish and chips days,  fiber pills are a good idea.   (Always happy to pass on sage wisdom.)    Besides that, it’s  time for my nap.




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